"Ready for Learning" and Re-Entry Guidelines

June 17,2020



While planning for the fall re-opening of school, Manila Public Schools will abide by the guidelines issued by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  We know that these guidelines are fluid; therefore, our plan for re-entry will change accordingly. Our goal is to provide the best educational experience while keeping our students as safe as possible. 


School Schedule and Transportation

For now, the plan is to begin the 2020-2021 school year on August 13th.  The school day schedule will remain the same with daily attendance on campus following the same arrival and dismissal times as prior years. Bus transportation will be provided. 


Extra Classes, Extracurricular, and Sports Activities

Students will continue to participate in activity classes such as PE, art, music, library. GT, etc.  We anticipate sports and other extracurricular activities will take place in the fall with possible modifications. We are awaiting further guidance from ADH and DESE.


Breakfast and Lunch

Although cafeteria seating and meal schedules may change to accommodate limited capacity, students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch at school.


Curriculum Needs

We know students will begin the school year with gaps in learning due to the pandemic school closure.  Administrative and curriculum teams are currently working to devise a plan for remediating skills. This plan may include onsite before and after school tutoring, mobile tutoring (long-route buses) or offsite tutoring through ZOOM.  Parents and students will receive more information on these plans.


Special Considerations for Social Distancing, PPE, and Sanitation

When school resumes, social distancing will be observed as much as possible.  Every effort will be made to arrange spaces or seating assignments (buses, classrooms, playground, cafeteria, library, etc.) in a manner that provides social distancing.  In the event that social distancing is not possible, students will be expected to wear face coverings. Students are encouraged to bring their own face covering to school.  MPS will provide masks on a limited basis. Students will have access to hand sanitizer and will be allowed extra time for hand washing. Routines for hand sanitation (before school, after recess, between classes, etc.) will be established at the beginning of the school year. Every effort will be made to keep our students healthy!


Cleaning and Sanitizing will be a high priority.  Facilities are currently being sanitized, and extra cleaning will continue in the fall.  Highly touched surfaces and restrooms will be cleaned throughout the school day.  In the event an individual tests positive for COVID-19, guidance from ADH will be followed which could result in a brief closure of school in order to provide additional cleaning and sanitation.


School Closures

In the event that school closes again, a plan has been developed for remote learning.  Every student will have access to a personal computer.  Kindergarten will have IPads and 1-12 will have Chromebooks.  Google Classroom (LMS) will be used for assignments and teachers will use ZOOM when delivering live lessons.  Teachers are currently being trained in this method of instruction and delivery, and students will learn to use it during the school day when they return in the fall.  In circumstances where internet connectivity is impossible, instruction will be downloaded onto SD cards and made available to students for upload.  A parent training video on how to use Google Classroom will be made available to parents and the community later this summer.


By developing this plan for blended learning, students who become ill or quarantined for a short amount of time, can continue their education while at home.  Blended learning (the combination of onsite and offsite instruction) will become the norm. 


Questions and Concerns

We understand that you may have questions and concerns as the fall approaches. We will do everything we can to keep you informed as changes occur.  Please feel free to contact any of the following administrators:


Jason Evers, Superintendent, eversj@manilaschools.org

Robin Baugher, Ready for Learning Lead, baugherr@manilaschools.org

LeAnn Helms, High School Principal, helmsl@manilaschools.org

Sherry Mason, Elementary Principal, masons@manilaschools.org